The 21st century brings with it a spectrum of opportunities and a range of avenues to be explored by the students of today. Be it choosing to venture into the latest developments in the fields of Science and Technology, Business and Commerce, Humanities and Allied Arts, the list is endless. Today the world has become a global platform where in students can update themselves with the latest developments and innovations in any field they desire to pursue, just at the click of a mouse. This immerse reservoir of knowledge is although that is beneficial to attain insights on the emerging academic trends, but too many options sometimes creates a state of influx for the students about which direction should they be heading…?

Making it easier for the gen next, Horizon Publications in association with Vidyasagar Learning have introduced an Aptitude cum Talent Search Examination 'Vidvatta' that is ideal for the students of Class X. Vidvatta happens to be an intrinsic educational tool specifically designed to empower today's students to know their true potential. Undertaking the tests helps the students to understand their aptitude and inclination towards their specific subject of interest be it Science, Commerce or the field of Humanities/Arts, helping them to make up their mind to choose their true vocation and profession, that will indeed act as a decisive opportunity to benchmark their future, right from this tender age.


Each student demonstrates a distinctive personal trait and is capable of using different forms of knowledge tools but in their own personal combinations. Looking at the current academic curriculum, we find that many students are unable to succeed in all the forms of intelligence needed to cope up with the elaborate education curriculum of today that relies too much on theoretical aspects related to the various subjects. If the students fail to have an aptitude for the particular subjects pertaining to their intellectual capabilities, they do not meet the expected results and thus tend to develop negative images about themselves that can hamper them to achieve their true potential. Keeping this in mind 'Vidvatta' is a uniquely designed examination which not only tests aptitude of the students, but also helps them and their parents gain understanding of their interests to choose the best possible career goals. Our counsellors strive diligently to make sets of most articulative test series that helps bring out the right career path directions as per the students reasoning and analytical abilities, to detect their core subject of interest.

No career is inferior if taken up with dignity, for instance students who are good in Science can aim for Medical and Engineering or Technically demanding Careers, while those good in Business Analysis can go for a career in Commerce and financial fields, while others who are good in visual reasoning can choose Architecture or a vocational careers like Commercial Arts. While those good in Verbal ability and logical thinking can make a career in Journalism, Mass Media. Students who believe in health and fitness and are good in extracurricular activities can take up a career in sports. While the ones who are creatively inclined and are attached to tradition and cultural values can choose a career in fine arts and cultural fields. The sky is the limit for those who want to excel and celebrate life.

What is important is to keep a healthy mind and a body that keeps one calm and composed against all odds to strive ahead, be it any profession. What is important for the students at this tender stage of their life is to utilize these resources to the best of their ability, so that the chosen field of study is enjoyable all through their lives making them worthy to serve their families, societies and above all the human kind.

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*Eligibility Criteria: Aptitude Test only for students of Class 10.

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